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Welcome Home Essay Contest

  ELIGIBILITY (who can submit)  

1) This opportunity is open to aspiring homeowners who are legal residents of the United States of America. 2) This opportunity is open to aspiring homeowners of legal age. 3) Special conditions must be met (to ensure fairness in the selection process) by applicants who have participated in the renovation of the property, have visited the property, or are acquainted with the current owner. These conditions are described in the APPLICATION CHECKLIST below. 4) The Selection Committee, the Clerk, and the Sponsor of this opportunity MAY NOT apply. Their immediate families, as well, MAY NOT apply.   


1) COPYRIGHT AND PUBLICATION: By submitting, the 20 initially selected (including the first Selected and both runners-up) assign to the Sponsor all rights to the submitted essays. Additionally, the 20 initial submissions grant to Sponsor the sole right to publicize those submissions, including the use of their names and photographs. No royalties or other considerations will be paid for these assignments and rights.      2) "AS IS": The Selected Aspiring Homeowner(s) and both Runners-Up agree to accept the property "as is".      3) UTILITIES EASEMENT: The Selected Homeowners(s) and both Runners-Up agree to accept the property with a permanent UTILITIES Easement on the property.    4) FAILURE TO COMPLY: Should the first Selected to receive the GIFT fail to comply with any of the conditions listed herein, the GIFT will revert to the Sponsor, to then be awarded to the next Runner-Up. The GIFT recipient, whether the first selected or runners-up, agree to pay any closing costs, transfer fees and legal fees incurred thereby.    5) HOLD HARMLESS: By applying, each applicant agrees, to the fullest extent permitted by law, to hold harmless the Owner/Sponsor, members of the Selection Committee, Clerk, and any other person involved with the selection process from any claim, demand, suit, liability, loss, damages, or injury arising out of or connected with this opportunity or the First Selected's or Runners-Up's acceptance of the property.    6) NO WARRANTY: The Owner makes no warranty, express or implied, as to the condition, fitness, or merchantability of the property.    7) TAXES/FEES: The winning submission shall be solely responsible for any and all taxes, including real estate transfer taxes, lawyer's fees or fees of any kind imposed upon or arising out of a successful participation in this endeavor.      


1) Essay must be typed or printed on one side of a single sheet of white 8 1/2 inch by 11-inch paper. Margins must be 1 inch on all sides, and font size must be 12. Font must be Old Bookman or Courier. Lines must be double-spaced.    2) Proof of legal residence must be typed or printed on one side of a sheet of white 8 1/2 inch by 11-inch paper. Margins must be 1 inch on all sides, and font size must be 12. Single-spacing is acceptable (for the proof of legal residence only, not the essay).    3) Applicants' names or addresses must not appear anywhere on the essay.    4) Special conditions for applications having history with the property or its owner: To ensure fairness and an unbiased selection, do not mention your connection to the property or present owner in your essay.       5) The Application fee must be in the form of a cashier's check or money order in US funds, made payable to J.E.Kluver Family Trust. See section 'Essay Application Fee' below for further information regarding your submission.    6) Application form must be completed in full, including individuals' names and addresses. This sheet will be used to identify and track your application.    7) Application must include two self-addressed stamped #10 white envelopes.    8) Staple the application form, essay, hold harmless agreement and proof of legal residency together, in that order.  Paper clip your check and the two envelopes to the stapled documents.   9) Applications must be placed through the US Post Office in a single #10 sized white envelope (4 1/8 x 9.5 in). No form of email, online, or other digital applications will be accepted.    10) Applications must be addressed to Essay Contest: PO Box 21 Roswell, NM 88202 USA to insure proper delivery. Responsibility for lost, late or misdirected applications rests with the applicant.    11) Applications must be postmarked no later than December 23, 2017. In order to insure a timely end, they must also arrive at the Post Office Box by December 26, 2017. BOTH THESE DEADLINES MUST BE MET. For example, a submission that arrives by December 26 but is postmarked December 24, will not be eligible. Likewise, an application postmarked December 23, that arrives on December 27, is not eligible. Any application arriving on or after December 27, 2017 will be returned to the owner unopened. Be sure to include return address on your application envelope.    

ESSAY APPLICATION FEE Application fees are non-refundable, except in the single case that Land of Enchantment decides to withdraw the property due to an insufficiency of applications.  In this case, the original fee will be mailed to each applicant ($200.00 US) at the address given on the application form, within 60 days of the announcement on Land of Enchantment Essay Facebook page that the property is being withdrawn.  Application fees will be held in an escrow account until the Selected Applicant has accepted the property, or the property has been withdrawn.  Should the First Selected and both Runners-Up refuse the property, no entry fees will be refunded.  

STATE, FEDERAL AND INTERNATIONAL REGULATIONS  This Gift is subject to the provisions of all applicable International, Federal, State, and Local Laws and Regulations. This offer is void where prohibited.   

FSYF is looking for FS youths to make “Welcome Home” videos profiling their local community and schools to help future FS youths transition back to the area after living abroad.

In this domestic counterpart to the overseas “Kid Vid” program, FSYF seeks D.C.-area youths in grades 7 to 12 (individuals or teams with at least one member belonging to FSYF) to make an 8 to 12 minute-long narrated video highlighting the shopping, dining, transportation, and community life in their city or county (for example, Bethesda, D.C., or Alexandria) and describing its schools (for example, availability of IB or AP classes, athletics, and extracurricular activities).  The video should seek to orient and assist FS youths returning to the area after an extended period living abroad.  The videos will be posted on the FSYF website.

FSYF will commissionthe first applicant/team to submit a completed entry form from their county.  FSYF will award a maximum of two videos featuring differing counties.  If you live in the following areas, FSYF encourages you to submit a video: Montgomery County, Washington, D.C., Alexandria, and Prince William County.  Although the deadline to submit an entry form is August 1, the challenge will be closed as soon as two applicants from differing counties submit a completed entry form, and FSYF will no longer accept entries.  FSYF will pay $400 per video (subject to minimum quality standards) to be divided among team members.  There will be a maximum of two videos awarded this year.

Deadline for applications is August 1, 2017 or as soon as two applicants from differing counties submit completed entry forms.  Videos must be submitted by September 8, 2017.

Full program details and the application form can be found here. To view the existing FSYF Welcome Home Video library please log in to your FSYF account and click on the Members Only section. Send any questions to fsyf@fsyf.org.

This program is made available through a generous grant from the Una Chapman Cox Foundation.

2 prizes of $400 to be divided among members of each film-making team.

This contest takes place during the summer months - giving FS youth ample time to film and edit their Welcome Home videos. If you are a current member of FSYF you may view the Welcome Home Video collection in the Members Only section of our website. 

the Una Chapman Cox Foundation.

2016 Winners

Herndon, Virginia


Victoria Stoner
Herndon, Virginia

Victoria ("Tori") Stonercompleted grade 8 at the 

International School Prague (ISP).

When living in Herndon during

 the 2015-16 school year, she attended 

Rachel Carson Middle School 

and played soccer and basketball with the 

Chantilly Youth Association. In Prague she plays

soccer with a Czech team (Dukla) 

and soccer, basketball and softball at ISP.


Jackson Stoner
Herndon, Virginia

Jackson Stonercompleted grade 10 at the 

International School Prague.

He attended Westfield high school

 for 9th grade and played on the 

basketball team. 

He continues to play basketball at ISP 

and participates in Robotics and MUN.

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