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Sixth Form Personal Statement Helper

Are in an in area or out of area student?
If you're in area then don't worry about it. At all. Just write a bit about your hobbies and interests, what subjects you do and what skills you have. In the general style of: I enjoy(...) as well as (....) which I feel has greatly enhanced my ability to(...). I'm a friendly outgoing person etc. etc. lie lie lie.

They probably wont even read it, they just think it's good practise.

However if you're not in the catchment area it might be a bigger deal, but to be honest if you follow the detailed instructions given above I'm sure it'll be more than enough. Just make sure your spelling, punctuation and grammar is all up to scratch and that you have some interests which set you apart. An 'extreme' sport was mine since I don't play instruments or debate take part in team activities. Anything will do really.

Try and have an interests paragraph, skills paragraph, general info paragraph. Keep it under a page long and sound as swotty as possible. I'm sure you'll be fine

Sixth Form College Entrance Personal Statement

I am interested in joining xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sixth Form College because I want to gain A-levels and maybe advance into university. I think that by going to the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx sixth form I will gain these A-levels and advance to university.

I have good attendance, punctuality, behaviour, homework and classwork.

I have good skills in communicating which, I developed during work experience. I also have skills in teamwork and have strong self-confidence, also which I gained from work experience. At work experience I learned more about computers and how they work, also I learned more about architecture and using Information technology to produce architectural drawings. I have good business, computer and mathematics knowledge, which I hope to gain A-levels in. I am very pleased with gaining an A grade in both Information technology and business studies also I am very pleased with the A grade in Graphics, also a subject which I hope to study at A-level.

I have recently done my mock GCSE's and I have learned that a lot of preparation has to be done for success in these exams. I also have to prepare for my mock interview. Also workload in school has been increasing in both class-work and coursework, I have learned that if we do not meet the deadlines then workload increases even more! 

In my spare time I go out with my friends and play football and cricket. I used to play cricket for a club and here I met new people, where I gained communication skills and increased my self-confidence

I am also a season ticket holder for Bolton Wanderers and I have met new people at the ground, and also by needing to communicate with people at the ticket office. I like listening to music and playing a lot of sports. I sometimes help my uncle with decorating and I meet new people and gain more decorating skills

At college I hope to gain three A-levels in maths, physics, graphics and business studies. From there I hope to go to university and do a course in architecture, interior design or designing cars. I hope to then work in architecture or for an automobile firm.

Article by TSR Community on Tuesday 03 October 2017

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