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Neas Vee Homework Helper

To go immediately to the Discussion Forum, please click on this link.

Scroll down to select the discussion forum for the exam you are taking.
If you have questions or comments they can be posted here.

We maintain discussion forums for each of 24 modules in the five on-line courses, with about five to fifteen threads in each forum. Student questions about the course material, the homework assignments, the applications to actuarial work, and the final exam problems are answered by the course instructors.

To stimulate student participation in the discussion forum, we often suggest topics for discussion forum threads. We are sometimes surprised by the high quality of student responses. We allow all students full access to the discussion boards, but we maintain strict control over the postings, editing out material not relevant to the course content.

At the end of each semester, we re-write the discussion forum questions and answers into dialogues between a virtual student and a course instructor.

  • The student’s questions summarize the items that students asked over the past semesters.
  • The instructor’s answers explain the concepts that candidates must know for the course.

Many threads on our discussion forums now have these dialogues, particularly for:

  • Difficult homework assignments (especially applications to insurance).
  • Complex concepts (such as capital structure in the corporate finance course).
  • Statistical techniques (such as heteroscedasticity for regression analysis and ARIMA modeling sequence for time series).


Tuition for the on-line courses is $295 for the first course, $245 for the second course, and $195 for the third through fifth courses. The tuition covers administration expenses and fees of our independent instructors. There is a $25 per course cancellation fee. If you have already taken an on-line course, your next course is $245; if you have taken two courses, further courses are $195 apiece. The courses need not be in the same semester or year. Employer discounts are:

  • Employers with 5 to 9 candidates in one semester: The first or second course for each candidate is $245; the third course is $195
  • Employers with 10+ candidates in one semester: Tuition for all courses is $195.

The on-line courses are priced strictly at cost: office managers to handle administrative matters and academic advisors to write discussion board postings, grade homework assignments, form final exams, provide guidance for student projects for the statistics courses, and answer student questions. We work with employers wherever candidates take on-line courses to arrange for proctored final exams. Without the help of numerous insurers, we would not be able to offer the courses at the prices that we do.  We are particularly thankful to the actuaries and other professionals who have volunteered to proctor exams, sometimes even for candidates they do not know.

For candidates in low-income countries, we provide VEE tuition discounts.  Candidates in Eastern Europe, Africa, and parts of Latin America have difficulty with the VEE requirements, since they lack the breadth of college courses available in North America, Western Europe, and large Asian cities. Email the NEAS office for discounts on the on-line courses.

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