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Effects Of Load Shedding In Pakistan Essay In Urdu

Pakistan is currently going through one of the most threatening problems and issues which is the load shedding of Electricity for both domestic and commercial use. This issue has been very devastating for the national economy as the industries have been adversely affected due to this drastic short fall. Currently Pakistan is facing more than 6000 mega watts short fall due to which in the urban areas the load shedding of electricity is being done on a regular schedule of 10-12 hours daily while in the rural areas the situation is even worse as the people living in rural areas the schedule of Load shedding is almost 15-16 hours daily which is just too much and due to this excessive and continuous rising shortfall has made the lives of the people of Pakistan very much problematic. At present Pakistan is producing round about 14,000 mega watts of electricity while the consumption which is ever increasing due to the needs and the high population of the local people has reached 20,000 mega watts so the shortfall of 6000 mega watt is the main and moist crucial reason for this load shedding.

The destructive load shedding which is being done in Pakistan has been frustrating for Pakistani people because it has affected their routine work and the most importantly has affected the businesses which are being processed in the country. Electricity is considered to be one of the most crucial and basic necessity for running any business and industry and its short fall has dented the national economy. Many locals who were running their industries in the state have taken their units out of the country which has significantly reduced the production of the country and the economy which was already very poor has even fallen down to a major extent.

The protest of load shedding has been made all over the country in which various extremist and violent people have even wasted a lot of national property of people and government which has been the threat to the law and order situation of the state. The government on the other hand been poor and very much unrealistic in dealing with the issue and initially they relied on the rental power plants which increased the cost of the electricity and the burden was being made on the shoulders of the local people which were not done. The government has not shown any clear intention of producing and increasing the production on their own my making more production plants active and operative and are still very much focus on importing it which is not the right solution. The federal government of Pakistan has to deal with this issue on high priority basis because this load shedding of electricity is one of most deadly hindrance in between the growth and success of Pakistan.

Students are Facing unscheduled Load shedding Crisis badly i the exams of inter part 2 annual exams.Load shedding Effects every one but Students are undergo crisis of study like their one hand is penalized because of unscheduled load shedding. Nov 26, 2011 The increasing loadshedding in Karachi is having adverse effects on almost all walks of life but a major impact is visible in the provision of primary health care services.The population of Karachi has reached about 18 millions. A significant number of people live in less privileged areas and belong to the. Jul 9, 2011 Massive load shedding has made summer vacations miserable for students, as pupils are not able to fulfill their plans, Pakistan Today has learnt. Students in quest of relaxation and summer-related activities are passing their days at home with great stress owing to continuous power outages. Thousands of.

Load shedding ruins students’ summer vacations | Pakistan Today

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Massive load shedding has made summer vacations miserable for students, as pupils are not able to fulfill their plans, Pakistan Today has learnt. Students in quest of relaxation and summer-related activities are passing their days at home with great stress owing to continuous power outages. Thousands of pupils, who gave Matriculation Essay On Load Shedding And Students O Levels exams, have been dismayed claiming that their plans were badly damaged due to the aforementioned reasons. They Term Paper On Conservation also unable to visit fitness clubs and swimming pools, as power outages spoil such as well.
Students going to summer camps also complain about the lack of proper facilities and claimed that uninterrupted power suppliers (UPS) could not work for a long time. Pupils said that teachers also did not take much interest summers An Essay About My Hero to intense muggy conditions. Students, appearing in entry tests of engineering, medicine and other prgrammes, are also facing immense problems in preparing for the tests in intense power outages.
They criticised the authorities concerned saying that neither they were allowed to prepare properly for Intermediate exams nor allowed to give one of the most important tests of their careers due to load-shedding. A teacher said that students were least interested in summer camps because they were not able to complete their sleep. He said that purpose of summer camps was to polish skills of students but the Essay On Load Shedding And Students are proving to Why Do I Want To Be A Doctor Essay an additional burden on students.
Essay On Load Shedding And Students 6 student Hamza Butt said that computer gaming was his passion but he could not play it continuously thanks to load shedding. He said that students wait for No Snap Judgements Essay About Myself vacations for a whole year but got nothing except outages. Hamza said that whenever he went to play cricket or football in a nearby ground, electricity was gone, which makes life intolerable for him.
Students with different habits, including creation of computer graphics, painting, gaming, watching TV and other activities, said that outdoor hobbies had already Sonatenhauptsatzform Beispiel Essay minimised in the city due to poor law and order, whereas, power shortage was adding insult to injury.
Students with reading habits claim that their eyesight was affected by studying books in dim light. They said that students needed a good environment to study but unfortunately it was not available to them. Sitting like ducks without any creative or productive activity was extremely difficult, class 8 student Momin said. He said that the foremost purpose of summer vacations was recreation but nothing was left for him except going to restaurants. He said that medical experts advise citizens to avoid eating from restaurants, which almost finishes all recreation options. In depressing times for the country, citizens need proper entertainment and opportunities, Momin said. He said that one could not even visit a public library while fearing load shedding.

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Electric energy is of utmost importance for the survival of modern life. The prosperity of a country is directly linked to the supply "Essay On Load Shedding And Students" energy electricity is needed in every sector of modern life. The working at railways, hospitals, business centres, entirely depends on electricity. Without electricity, our farms and industry will stop production. Our houses, trade centres, roads, schools and colleges will turn into graveyards. It is unfortunate that the production of such a vital thing is insufficient in Pakistan. The production of electricity is far less than the growing Essay On Load Shedding And Students of our farms, industries, mills and factories. The population of our country is growing at a very rapid rate. The production of electricity is far less to meet the increasing needs of our future. The result is that we have to resort to load shedding in the country.

The load shedding has affected our country badly. It has disturbed our social, economic and cultural life badly. The industry and business in the country come to a halt during the prolonged hours of load shedding. The hospitals and medical educational centres suffer a lot. The business centres are plunged into darkness. The traffic on roads is disturbed badly. Everything suffers a jolt. The whole stream of life stops. Such a thing is not possible if we have sufficient supply of power.

We do not have sufficient supply of power due to the following reasons. ‘

First: We generate "Essay On Load Shedding And Students" from water, Men S Studies Bibliography Sample, coal and gas. Water is the cheapest source Essay On Load Shedding And Students producing electricity. We have failed to build Kala Bagh Dam. Had it been built, the power supply would have been in plentiful and at the same time, it would have been cheap.

Second: The electricity generated by coal, gas and oil is very costly. The electricity produced by these elements is called thermal power. The setting up of the thermal power station is highly expensive for a developing country, like ours. The electricity supplied by thermal stations is not affordable for the consumers. It is not even suitable for the competitive industry of the country.

Third: We can produce electricity by nuclear energy. Nuclear power stations are not easy to set up. The nuclear reactors are very costly. The western countries utilise nuclear Energy as a major source of energy. In France, of energy is produced by Nuclear Sectors. Essay On Load Shedding And Students is not possible in Pakistan.

We suffer from the shortage of electricity due to the following reasons also:

A. The demand for electricity increases due to the electrification of Villages. The new housing colonies also need it for domestic use. This has increased the demand of electricity

B. The use of electricity increases in summer. The use of air conditioners is increasing every year. Application Essay For College Format Name consumption of electricity increases as compared with its generation.

C. The measures to save energy have badly failed. The business centres, hotels, roads and streets are lite Firefighter Hero Essay during night hours. People use electricity as generously as possible. The entire nation suffers from indiscipline. All lights are always “on” in the houses.

We can fight against energy crisis by adopting the following measures.

  1. The generation of electricity can be increased by setting up more power stations. We should build more dams to store water in order to produce electricity at cheap rates.
  2. Nuclear energy should be used as a major source of energy.
  3. The government should undertake research to find ways and means to generate more power from cheap sources. Solar energy can be used as a main source of energy.
  4. A campaign on electronic media should be started to save energy by all means. The masses should be made aware of the true nature of power crisis.
  5. All business centres should Essay On Load Shedding And Students closed after eight o clock at night. Marriages should be held during daytime only. In this way, we can save a lot of energy.

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