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Essay On My Favourite Teacher In Sanskrit

My favourite teacher who inspired my life

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Teachers are the lights of our life. They sculpture us to bring the best out of us. They are the persons whom we respect and admire most. Here I would like to share my memory about my dearest teacher who inspired me with her knowledge and dedication to work. I feel so lucky to be her student. This article is my dedication to my 'Chandramathi' teacher who taught us Sanskrit for 3 years.

First meeting with my teacher

I met my Sanskrit teacher when I was in 8th class. It was my first day in my new school. It was the time for us to enter high school and I was very anxious about new teachers who are going to teach us for next 3 years. There were no formal classes on the first day. Some teachers came to our classroom and got introduced to students and gone. The classroom was very noisy when a new teacher entered. She came to our class with a usual sentence used by all teachers, "what is going on here? Is this a classroom or fish market?" Everyone became silent by hearing her voice as it was very powerful to control a crowd. She brought a smile on her face by seeing the fear on our face and said "it's okay. But what everyone will think if you are making noise like this? Are you bad fellows?" "No" that was a chorus came from all of us. Then she introduced herself as Sanskrit teacher. Actually, no other students were known in Sanskrit before except me and two others. She explained about Sanskrit, how easy it is etc. We were not interested to join in Sanskrit class because we have to select that as our first language. I was also very confused. I have studied Sanskrit since my 4th class, but it was along with Malayalam. Here we will not get an option for Malayalam. She told us to think and tell tomorrow and left our classroom. The next day she came again and asked to raise hands who all are interested to join in Sanskrit class. Everyone was looking each other, but not raising hands. After some seconds there was a hand raised from the boy's side. We were looking at him with surprise. The teacher was so pleased to see that and said "okay. I will conduct classes for you from tomorrow". The next day there were some more students joined the class and the third day I have given my name.

Stories narrated by teacher

Within one week after joining the Sanskrit class we started to like our teacher. Her teaching style was different and she used to come to the classroom so pleasantly in cotton saris plated neatly thus she got a gentle look which attracts all. She used to narrate stories in the classroom, mostly mythological stories no matter which religion it belongs to. We never take eyes from her or make a sound when she narrates stories with expression. She never said any story intentionally, but came by chance while teaching lessons. Even though she was very strict, she was never reluctant to repeat the stories and lessons if we ask again. She used to punish us if we do something mistake so we developed fear with respect and love for her which is necessary between student and teacher.

A bond with my teacher

Within few days she became my favorite teacher and I became like her pet. She started to show special attention to me, but she didn't show that in front of other students. There was a bond developing between us. During youth festivals she selected and taught poems and wrote speeches in Sanskrit for me. Sometimes I used to forget the speeches she taught and she scolded me for doing so. I still remember the incident when we went for excursion from school to Veega land, an amusement park at Cochin. She was stopping me when I am going to take adventure in some games which all others were playing. She was stopping me like my mother as I was suffering from illness. There I experienced a warm, caring side of my teacher. Three years passed so quickly and I never felt that her class is boring. I learned so much from her and from her classes which helped me to develop some good qualities in my life.

Dedication to work

After 10th class I joined the same school for my plus one and plus two (Intermediate) but the staffs are different in school and plus two. We haven't used to get a chance to meet school teachers even though we were in the same campus. One day I met her when I went to take certificates and she asked me to come to her class once I got my certificates. When I went there she asked me about plus one and subjects. I said that I took science group, but first language is Hindi as there was no option for Sanskrit. She asked me whether some students were ready to study Sanskrit. I was not sure about that and understanding that she told me to arrange at least 8 students then we would get permission to include Sanskrit to language choice. She also said that "you don't worry about a teacher, I am ready to take classes for you even though I won't get paid for that". It was another lesson she taught me, 'Dedication to work'. I thought what benefit she would get from that. She will just lose her time as she shall take both English and Sanskrit for high school students and again a class for us. There won't be an hour to take rest, but still she was ready to teach us. What a passion she has in teaching! But I failed to arrange 8 students and dropped the idea there.

Time brings distance

I never met her after completing my plus two. I came to Bangalore for my degree and she was continuing her passion in the same school. Two or three times I went to school for some purposes related to my certificates but she was not there. I have seen her in running bus thus not got a chance to speak. But I always remember her in a neat cotton sari with spectacles on her face. Even today I remember her when I read or hear any mythological story. I am very much influenced by her. I never went to my school after that and I came to know that she got transferred to some other school. But last month my mother said "I have seen your favorite Chandramathi teacher and she still works in the same school". By this I came to know that the student who said about transfer was told about another teacher who has the same name. I felt so happy and I am planning to meet her in my next vacation.

Some people (teachers, parents, classmates, colleagues or any) will influence our mind so strongly. We may not know the importance of them when they are around us, but we will start to miss them once we develop a distance from them. It is my opinion that we should definitely make time to interact with such people at least once in a year.

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